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Group therapy led by Dr. Lidar Shany, PhD, Jungian Analyst (IAAP)

Dream Decoding Online Group

As a Jungian Analyst I particularly love the secret and sacred symbolic language of dreams. I am always curious and astonished by the wisdom embedded in dreams. With my clients, I notice how the most meaningful achievement and “Aha” moments, were cultivated by discussing a dream. The group will discuss the dreams of all its members, to decode their message.

Group therapy options are available at Sacred Path.

Mother Infant Dyad QA Online Group

The first few month of motherhood, while in the dyad with a newborn, are most significant to both the mother’s and the infant’s psychology. It is a sacred time in a woman’s life, and it is the heavenly time of her newborn. Being a mother of four and having breastfed my children for more than 5 years, it was only natural for me to focus my dissertation and professional career on this initial dyad and its implications. We will meet every week, and pregnant mothers are invited to participate prior to giving birth.

Psychodynamic (unofficial) Supervision Group

As a Jungian Analyst, I know that my most advanced ability in therapy was cultivated in good supervision groups. While working towards my license in CA I noticed that the psychodynamic approached is not accepting the attention I believe is needed. Therapy becomes less about relationship and more about technique. For those who would like to add the psychodynamic perspective to their lesses, I offer this reduced price group which, is not supervision in terms of the responsibility (which I cannot take), nevertheless it will invite participants to discuss their cases through the psychodynamic perspective (minimum 6 participants).

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