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Polyvagal Self-Assessment

Understanding our body’s response to stress is crucial for promoting emotional well-being and resilience. This self-assessment aims to shed light on your autonomic nervous system’s state, specifically whether you lean towards a sympathetic, dorsal, or ventral vagal response.

By reflecting on your experiences and physiological cues, you can gain insight into how your body and mind navigate challenges. Remember, this assessment serves as a tool for self-awareness and is not a diagnostic tool.

Let’s explore together to deepen our understanding of our inner workings and cultivate greater self-compassion along the way.

More about the Polyvagal Theory

Polyvagal State Self-Assessment: Understanding Your Nervous System

This self-assessment is based on the Polyvagal Theory and can be used to assess your state of emotional regulation.  Answer each question by choosing the option that best describes your typical experiences and responses. Be honest with yourself for accurate self-reflection.


How do you generally feel in social situations?

When faced with a challenge, how do you instinctively react?

Pay attention to your body. What sensations do you notice most often?

How easily do you connect emotionally with friends or family?

 How well can you bring yourself back to a calm state after a stressful event?

Reflect on your general sense of well-being.